Mr. Tejendr Pratap Singh

Technical Officer

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Mobile: 8696255595
EPBX Office: 2236
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BSNL Office: 242345
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T.P.Singh received Diploma degree in Electronics Engineering and B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow, India. Currently, he is associated as a technical assistant with Cathode group, Microwave Tubes Division of CSIR-CEERI. He has also co-authored three journal and five international conference papers.

Specific skill: Laser-welding, DC Sputtering

Areas of Expertise: Auto CADDrawing, De- Coppering of Pallets, Potting, Impregnation, and Sputtering of Cathodes, Testing of Cathode. Brazing and Metal to Ceramic joints etc.

Projects involved in: Development of dispenser cathode for high power MW Tubes (CSIR 12th Five Year Network Project), Development and characterization of multi-beam cathode (MBC) and supply of triple alloy coating unit (DRDO-MTRDC sponsored), Technology development of high current density nano-scandate cathodes (DRDO sponsored)