Mr. Kaushal Kishore

Senior Scientist

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Mobile: 9024163763
EPBX Office: 2547
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Kaushal Kishore
Intelligent Systems Group
CSIR – Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CEERI)
(Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India)
Pilani – 333031, Rajasthan, India. /
91-9024163763(M), +91-1596-252646(O)

Areas of Research Interest

  • Algorithms: AI Navigation and Drone applications
  • System Design: Embedded system design, Sensor systems, Instrumentation,

Professional Career

  • QHS (July 2012 – Aug 2015)
  • Scientist (Feb. 2016 –), Intelligent Systems Group, CSIR-CEERI, Pilani, India

Academic Details

  • MTech. (2014)
    Advanced Electronic Systems
    Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR)
  • B. Tech. (2012)
    Electronics and Communication Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering and Technology, ICFAI Dehradun
    University Gold Medalist

R&D Projects Undertaken

2014-2017: Autonomous Underwater Robotics

  • Developed Motion Control Algorithm of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) using MATLAB
  • Robot Operating System for AUV simulation

2014: Speed Control Scheme for BLDC motor

  • BLDC drive design and implementation of speed control algorithm for BLDC motors on embedded firmware using dsPIC33FJ12MC202.

2014: Embedded System Design for Metal-Oxide Based Gas Sensors

  •  Micro heater control and thin film sensing circuit design
  •  System design for gas sensing platform

2017-2018: Development Salivary Glucose Sensing System

  •  A research-oriented project targeted towards development of non-invasive glucose monitoring technique
  •  Design and development of reliable nano-ampere current measurement system for low level of glucose sensing.

2018: Interface design of MEMS accelerometer and pressure sensors

  • Interface circuit design for piezo resistive accelerometer and pressure sensor
  • Project delivered to NAL and ISRO for indigenous accelerometer system development
  • On-going project discussion with Navy and Airforce

2019: High resolution air quality monitoring and air pollutant data analytics

  •  Conceptual system envisaged to be used as an attachment or standalone system with a vehicle to monitor real time pollution levels on the highway.

2018-2019: Interface circuit design for sensors

  • Typhoid detection system using lateral flow device
  • A polar liquid sensing system based on HEMT based sensors
  • Heavy metal detection in water using HEMT sensors
  • Silicon Nano Wire readout system for cardiac bio marker detection

2019: IoT related Projects

  • IoT enabled solar tree with ambience monitoring capabilities
  • Air pollution monitoring nodes
  • Server setup with Node Red

2019-2020: Drone related projects

  • Sponsored project from Industry on autonomous warehouse management using drones
  • The ROS simulation for entire work package delivered to the industry.
  • International Joint project (Indo-Korea) on autonomous drone navigation.