Mr. Deependra Kant

Sr. Principal Scientist

Work Email:
Personal Email:
Mobile: 9414580683
EPBX Office: 2346
EPBX Residential: 2585
BSNL Office: 252346
BSNL Residential:
BSNL Private: 245044

Professional description:

  • Project Leader for two activities of klystron development
  • Research Experience of 11 years and Teaching Experience of 2 years
  • Life Member of IETE, VEDA, IPA
  • Contributed to 40 papers in national/international conferences and 05 papers in peer reviewed journal

Specific skill:

  • Modeling of Electron Gun, RF interaction structure for klystron
  • Thermal Design of Collector and other Microwave Tube components
  • Characterization of Microwave components and sub-assemblies
  • High Power RF testing of the Klystron

Areas of Interest: High Power Microwaves (Generation and Applications), CAD of RF components

Projects involved in:

  • Design and Development of various klystrons with different specifications