Mr. Sunil Kumar Mittal

Sr. Superintending Engineer

Work Email:
Personal Email:
Mobile: 9460417570
EPBX Office: 2222
EPBX Residential:
BSNL Office: 242225
BSNL Residential:
BSNL Private: 245599

Powers and duties are as follows:-

  1. To attend day to day office work of Central Workshop Section.
  2. To attend various meeting as and when required and take suitable action accordingly.
  3. To make arrangements for fabrication of components as per the requirement of R&D Projects.
  4. Any others work which is not specifically mentioned will also be looked after by Sh. SK Mittal.
  5. Head, Central Workshop will allot specific work to the supervisor, give overall direction and guidance, monitor the progress of work and coordinate with supervisor.
  6. To look after the Apprentices training work.