Mr. Om Ranjan

Senior Scientist

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Mobile: 7891400651
EPBX Office: 2446
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BSNL Office: 252446
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BSNL Private: 244025

Om Ranjan has joined CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani as a post-graduate student under the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) of 2010 batch. During the course he got exposure to intensive lab work related to design and technological aspects of Microwave Tubes.

As a part of PG program, he was assigned a research project related to sheet beam Gyrotron. After getting acquainted with the basic concepts, he redeveloped the theory and derived the mathematical equations for understanding of the subject. He used commercial software MATLAB, CST Studio Suite-2011 and MAGIC for simulation purpose. He could suggest few possible structures for this device, after their simulation.

After successful completion of PG program under AcSIR, he was selected for a regular position of scientist in CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute w. e. f. 2013 and continuing till date. He has been engaged with the Gyrotron design and development activities being undertaken by this institute as multi institutional project. Apart from his involvement in the development of specific Gyrotron, he has been mainly responsible for generating the required magnetic profile and RF characterization of different components like cavity, beam tunnel, non-linear taper etc. using PNA. He is also involved in optical designing of Microwave Tubes to give a new perspective to design.

Specific skill:

  • Designing of various components of Gyrotron
  • RF characterization of different components using PNA
  • Electrical and Thermal Designing of Electromagnet
  • Areas of Interest: Physics of Microwave tubes

Areas of Interest: Physics of Microwave tubes

Projects involved in:

  • Design and Development of 42 GHz, 200 kW Gyrotron
  • Design and Development of 170 GHz, 1 MW Gyrotron