Ms. Nalini Pareek

Senior Scientist

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Mrs. Nalini Pareek joined CSIRCentral Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani as a post-graduate student under the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) of 2012 batch. During the course she got exposure to intensive lab work related to design and technological aspects of High Power Microwave Devices and Plasma Assisted Microwave Tubes.

Mrs. Nalini Pareek has worked on the PIC-FDTD (Particle In Cell-Finite Difference Time Domain) simulations during the two semesters of her M. Tech Project work. She is currently working on her Ph. D. on topic “Analytical and Numerical Studies of Electron Beam Interaction with EM Waves in the Plasma Filled Slow Wave Structures”, where her main interest area of research are interaction process and the instabilities generated due to the electron beam and wave interaction. Her interests also includes the study Dispersion Characteristics of periodic structures. She has also used commercial softwares such as CST Studio Suite-2011 and OOPIC-Pro for simulation purpose.She has joined as a Scientist in the Gyrotron group and is involved in cold testing of the Gyrotron Cavity.

Specific skill:

  • Coding in MATLAB and C
  • Particle-In-Cell Algorithm
  • RF characterization of different components using PNA

Areas of Interest: Physics of Microwave tubes, Computational Electromagnetics

Projects involved in:

  • Design and Development of 42 GHz, 200 kW
  • Gyrotron Design and Development of 170 GHz, 1 MW Gyrotron