Dr. Kota Solomon Raju

Senior Principal Scientist

Work Email: solomon@ceeri.res.in
Personal Email: kotasolomonraju@gmail.com
Mobile: 9460842188
EPBX Office: 2445
EPBX Residential: 2475
BSNL Office:
BSNL Residential:
BSNL Private:

Education: Doctor of Philosophy 2008

Areas of Interest:

  • Advanced embedded computing systems engineering for various applications (Internet of Things (IoT), Communication, WSN, Automation, Robotics, Signal, Image, video and audio processing)
  • System Design, System Architecture Optimization and customization (RCS /RASIP /Reconfigurable Embedded Computing Systems (RECS) /SOC /Embedded /ASIP Systems), FPGA based high performance embedded system and System Level Techniques (HW-SW Co-design, run-time partial reconfiguration, algorithms for mapping of design library onto the reconfigurable logic blocks with real-time operating system support).
  • Real-time operating Systems (VxWorks, QNX) and Operating Systems for ESD (Tigen, Peta Linux, RIOT, Contiki, TinyOS, FreeRTOS, etc.)
  • IoTivity (for IoT) LTE, Wireless communication transceivers, WSN based systems design, , Energy efficient routing and MAC algorithms for IEEE 802.15.4, Communication Protocols stack, including physical layer, Digital/ Wireless /Mobile Communications

Website: Google Scholar Link