Er. Ashok Nayak

Superintending Engineer (C)

Work Email:
Personal Email:
Mobile: 9414008151
EPBX Office: 2319
EPBX Residential: 2478
BSNL Office: 242333
BSNL Residential:
BSNL Private:

Powers and duties are as follows:-

  1. To prepare budgetary proposal for civil works.
  2. Planning, checking estimates of new works and their execution and maintenance of all type of civil original and maintenance work in institute and residence complex.
  3. Passing of various contractors bills & other bills related to services of civil works.
  4. To attend various meeting as and when required and take suitable action accordingly.
  5. Notes and correspondences within the Institute for maintaining all the services.
  6. Civil works related to CSIR-CEERI Jaipur & Delhi centre
  7. E-tendering and signing of agreements of all civil works
  8. Any others work which is not specifically mentioned will also be looked after by Er. Ashok Nayak .
  9. Head, B&M will allot specific work to the Section In charges, give overall direction and guidance, monitor the progress of work and coordinate with Section In charges.