Dr. Ashish Kumar

Scientist Fellow

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Personal Email: ashishvlsi10@gmail.com
EPBX Office: 2395
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Currently, Dr. Ashish Kumar is working on the development of SERS substrate for optofluidic applications. Towards the same, he successfully developed the Si nanowires by chemical process: a cost-effective approach. He completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering with specialization in ZnO nanoelectronics from Indian Institute of Technology Indore. Prior to this, he was project research internship awardee at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. His broad area of research interest is development of advanced functional materials and further demonstration of electronics devices with complete system. He believes that effective use of nanotechnology has the potential to solve basic needs of common man such as: purified water, energy and health at economic scale. Other than his academic, he is also interested to know countries’ policies, music and cultures.


Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=f8RfTbsAAAAJ&hl=en