The objective of the Computer Aided Design (CAD) facility group is to help scientists in the design of mechanical components, sub-assemblies and product with the use of advance CAD tools for their R&D Projects. Also to provide support for the product development and design of the jigs & fixtures for variety of brazing operations. CAD facility group will carried out complete PCB fabrication and assembly as per the requirement of the R & D groups.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Facility

CAD Tools: Solid Works, AutoCAD
CEERI drawing template for solid works: A4 size portrait & Landscape
CEERI drawing template for AutoCAD: A4 size portrait & Landscape
Guidelines for drawing template: Download here

Laser Marking, Cutting and Engraving Facility


Laser Power : 30 W
Marking area : 180 x 180 mm
Min line width : 0.02 mm
Marking depth : 0.001 to 1.5 mm
Min character height : 0.3 mm

Support Material: Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinum, Titanium, Plastic, Coated Glass.

This machine is able to mark/print/engrave QR code, any logo, any design, any language, any character, any number, any shape or combination of above on the support material.

2. CO2 LASER CUTTING & ENGRAVING MACHINE(only for non-metal)

Laser Power :  100 W
Work Size :  600 x 900 mm
Location Precision : <0.01 mm

Support Material:

  • Acrylic/Perspex (up to 10mm thickness),
  • MDF (up to 6mm thickness),
  • Teflon (up to 3mm thickness),
  • Plywood, Leather, Rubber, Plastic, Paper, Marble and Fabric.

PCB Fabrication Facility

A PCB fabrication facility at CEERI enables to indigenous design and fabrication of PCB for electronic system development.

PCB Design tools: Altium Designer Summer 08

Unique features of the PCB fabrication machine:

  • Easy CAD/CAM compatible interface
  • High speed & high power spindle motor
  • 3-axle full automatic & manual control movement
  • Minimum pattern width 0.05mm
  • Minimum milling width 0.05mm
  • Working area 150 x 150 x 25 (mm)
  • Drilling tool range: 0.05 to 3.1 mm
  • Milling tool range: 0.05 to 0.5 mm

Quality Control facility

The objective of quality control is to check the dimensional accuracy as per the drawing of the fabricated parts at the central workshop. The available facility for quality assurance is listed below:

  1. Vernier calliper
  2. Micrometre
  3. Dial gauge
  4. Height gauge
  5. Toolmaker microscope

Note: CAD facility team is ready to take any project-specific job for further development.