CAD Facility

The objective of the computer Aided Design (CAD) facility group is to help scientists in the design of mechanical components, sub-assemblies and product with the use of advance CAD tools for their R&D Projects. Also to provide support for the product development and design of the jigs & fixtures for variety of brazing operations. CAD facility group will carried out complete PCB design, fabrication and assembly as per the requirement of the R & D groups.

CAD Tools: Solid Works, AutoCAD
PCB Design tools: Altium Designer Summer 08
PCB fabrication facility: A PCB fabrication facility at CEERI enables to indigenous design and fabrication of PCB for electronic system development.

Unique features of the PCB fabrication machine:

  • Easy CAD/CAM compatible interface
  • High speed & high power spindle motor
  • 3-axle full automatic & manual control movement
  • Minimum pattern width 0.05mm
  • Minimum milling width 0.05mm
  • Working area 150 x 150 x 25 (mm)
  • Drilling tool range: 0.05 to 3.1 mm
  • Milling tool range: 0.05 to 0.5 mm

*PCB fabrication facility team is ready to take any project specific job for the fabrication and further development.

Central workshop

Central workshop facilities in CEERI carries out part fabrication of mechanical components for the different projects undertaken by the institute. The well-equipped central workshop is capable to develop, fabricate, realis and assemble different mechanical parts required by the different R & D projects groups. The central workshop is also responsible for the quality control of the fabricated parts.

Facility and Capability of Central Workshop

The capability of the different machines available at central workshop of the institute are as mentioned below.

Turning Section:

  • CNC turning center-1 Nos. (Maxi Turning Dia. 300mm and Job length 600mm)
  • Semi Auto Precision Lathe – 1 No. (Maxi Turning Dia. 270 mm and Job length 500mm)
  • Heavy Duty Lathe – 3 Nos. (Maxi Turning Dia. 600 mm and Job length 1500mm)
  • Conventional Precision Lathe – 8 Nos. (Maxi Turning Dia. 330 mm and Job length 670mm)

The parts can be fabricated through turning for below listed materials.
Metal: SS, Moly, Monel, Iron, Brass, Aluminium, Copper, Kovar, Nickel
Non-Metal: Teflon, Acrylic (Perspex), Machinable ceramic, Boron Nitride, Graphite

Milling Section:

  • Vertical Milling Machine – 3 Nos. (Maxi. Job size X, Y , Z : 250,150 , 300, mm)
  • Horizontal Milling Machine – 1 No. (Maxi. Job size X, Y , Z : 450,175 , 350, mm)

Drilling Section:

  • Radial Drilling Machine – 1 No.
  • Drilling cum Milling Machine – 1 No.
  • Bench Drilling – 1 No.
  • Sensitive Drilling – 1 No.

Available drilling and tapping size at central workshop

Grinding Section:

  • Surface Grinding Machine – 1 No.
  • Centre Less Grinding Machine – 1 No. (Grinding dia. Range: 0.8 mm to 6 mm)

Metal Cutting Section:

  • CNC wire cut EDM- 1 No. (Maxi. Job size X, Y, Z: 360,250,150 mm, Wire thickness :0.25mm)
  • Horizontal Band Saw – 1 No. (Maxi. cutting capacity, Round Dia.:250 mm, Square: 250 x 250, mm)
  • Vertical Band Saw – 1 No. (Maxi. cutting capacity, Round Dia.:250 mm, Table size: 700 x 700 mm)
  • Power Operated Shearing Machine – 1 No. (Sheet cutting, Maxi. Width 2500mm, Thickness: up to 2mm (SS), 6mm (MS and AL)
  • Manual Shearing Machine – 1 No.

Sheet Metal Section:

  • Hydraulic Power Press – 1 No.
  • H type Hydraulic Manual Press – 1 No. (6 Ton capacity)
  • Hand Operated Press – 2 Nos.
  • Sheet Rolling Machine – 2 Nos.
  • Sheet Bending Machine – 1 No. ( Maxi sheet width 2000 mm & Thickness up to 6 mm)

Welding Section:

  • Electric Arc Welding Machine – 1 No.
  • Gas Welding Set – 1 No. (Not Working)

3D Printing: Maximum printable volume 180 x 180 x 250 mm


  • Tool Cutter Grinder –1 No.
  • Pedestal Tool Grinder – 2 Nos.
  • Engraving Machine – 1 No.

Quality Control facility

The objective of quality control is to check the dimensional accuracy as per the drawing of the fabricated parts at central workshop. The available facility for the quality assurance is as listed below.

  1. Vernier calliper
  2. Micrometre
  3. Dial gauge
  4. Height gauge
  5. Toolmaker microscope.

Painting Facility

The objective of the painting facility is to provide painting service to the R & D groups of the institute as per their requirement.

*The central workshop is ready to take any project specific requirement that needs to develop for the R & D groups of the institute.

Fabricated parts

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