Microwave and THz devices and systems are having numerous applications scanning almost every arena of modern society including scientific, industrial, medical and societal applications. Microwave, mm-wave & THz amplifiers, sources and associated components (e.g advanced antennas, transmission lines, filters etc.) suitable for usage with different power levels according to application needs are part and parcel of almost all state-of-the-art technologies like particle accelerators, homeland security, high data rate communication (5G), nuclear fusion (plasma heating), industrial heating, food and agricultural product processing and sterilization etc.

All these components are technically sophisticated and require careful design (electrical, electromagnetic, electro-thermo-mechanical, mechanical) cycle before fabrication of the same. Robust end-to-end design cycle leads to accurate performance prediction of the devices/component and extremely important to reduce fabrication cycle, failure and production cost of the same.

The Vacuum Electron Devices Design Group works in tandem with the Vacuum Electron Devices Development Group with the ultimate goal to seamlessly develop indigenous vacuum microwave devices to cater the needs of various ongoing projects at CSIR-CEERI aligned with different national missions as well as exploring the possibilities of developing new devices and components based on novel concepts compatible with state of the art/ futuristic technologies.


To establish and maintain a center of excellence in the field design, simulation and analysis related to vacuum electron devices and associated components operating in microwave, mm-wave and THz frequencies for various systems under development at CSIR-CEERI as well as other national and international organizations.


  • Provide complete design solutions for device specific electron sources, interaction structure, electron beam focus using mechanism, spent electron beam collection related to vacuum microwave, mm-wave & THz devices under development at CSIR-CEERI as well as different strategic/industrial sectors.
  • Application of reliable design, simulation and analysis methodologies to find out state of the art design solutions related to various vacuum microwave, mm-wave & THz devices and components with the aim to minimize development iterations.
  • Incorporation of innovative concept and ideas in the arena of microwave, THz and plasma devices& component technologies leading to new device/system/component concepts.