Grant-in-Aid Projects (Microwave Devices)

  1. Design and Development of a 6 MW Peak 24 kW Average Power S-Band Klystron.
  2. Design and Development of 42 GHz 200 KW/CW/ Long pulse Gyrotron
  3. Design and Development of a 300 W Peak Power J-Band Transmitter.
  4. Design & Development of Ku-Band 140 Watts (CW) Short Length Travelling Wave Tube (SL-TWT)
  5. Design & Development of 3.00 MW S-Band Tunable Pulse Magnetron
  6. Development of Multi-ceramic Rectangular RF Window
  7. Fabrication and Delivery of 35 kV/3kA Thyratron for Line-type pulse Modulator for Linear Accelerator
  8. Technology Development of High Current Density Nano-scandate Cathodes
  9. Indigenous Design, Development & Qualification of Ku Band (140-210 Watts) and Ka Band (100-150 watts) TWTs

Collaborative Projects (Microwave Devices)

  1. Design and Development of Electron Beam Compression Region for 100 kW MM-Wave Gyrotron
  2. Development of Mercury-free Plasma UV-Lamps Compatible to Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation System
  3. Development of Glass-Sealed RF Window for 4 MW S-band Tunable Pulse Magnetron

Grant-in-Aid Projects (Cyber Physical Systems Area)

  1. National programme on Perception Engg. – Phase – II for Design of an Embedded System for Low Cost Haptic Rendering of Emotion Expressions to the Blind
  2. Rapid Real time Blood Pressure Measurement and Hypertension predisposition Diagnostics using Pulse Transit Time and Blood Pressure Variability.
  3. Special Manpower Development Programme for CHIPS to System Design. (SMDP-C2SD)
  4. Observation of appearance and physiological parameters in elderly to assess the aptness of their independent living
  5. Non-Imaging Optics Based Low Concentrating Photovoltaic Thermal (OCPVT) Hybrid System
  6. Development of Real Time Wireless Embedded Multi-Sensor System for Monitoring of RO plants with Water Quality
  7. A Community based Participatory Aquifer Management System for Equity and Sustainability in Water Resource Management
  8. Development of Intelligent Embedded E-sense System for online and offline Detection of Heavy Metals (Iron, Arsenic etc.) in Ground Water for Quality Assessment
  9. Dynamic Reconfigurable High Speed Vision Architecture (INDO-Japanese Joint Research Proposal)

Consultancy Projects (Cyber Physical Systems)

  1. Evaluation of Behavioural Video Analytics System

Collaborative Projects (Cyber Physical Systems)

  1. Driving Assistance Systems and Services

Grant-in-Aid Projects (Smart Sensors)

  1. Monolithic white light emitting diode (LED) with nano InGaN broadband emitter.
  2. Fabrication of Cylindrical Microlens Arrays for laser Diode Stacks in Laser Finder.
  3. Development of Thick-film Sensor Electrodes for use in Biosensing applications.
  4. Design and Fabrication of Large Deflection MEMS Biomorph Element for Tuanble Filters.
  5. Customization of LTCC hotplate for warming of microfarming unit in high altitude cold desert

Collaborative Projects (Microwave Devices)

  1. Development of MEMS Technology Based Pressure Sensors
  2. Development Salivary Glucose Sensing System

Fast Track Translational (FTT) Projects

  1. Development of 3D rigid and Flexible Endoscopes for Denture Examination (MLP0101)
  2. Development of a Silent Killer Gas Detector using LTCC Technology (MLP0102)
  3. Prevention of Adulteration in Milk-a real-time Remote Milk Supply Chain Monitoring Network (PRADUMN) (ML0103)
  4. Gas Sensor for Environmental Monitoring (MLP0104)
  5. High Frequency RF MEMS Capacitive Switches (MLP0105)
  6. Handheld Milk Quality Analyser (MLP0106)
  7. Development of MEMS-based Accelerometer (MLP0107)

In-house Projects (ILP0012)

  1. CSIR-CEERI-IIT Indore Joint R&D Programme

CSIR Skill Initiative Programme (SDP0001)

  1. CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative Programme (SDP0001)