CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute

Abbreviation: CEERI
Founded in: 1953
Address: Pilani – 333031 (Rajasthan)
Tel:  01596-242111, 242151, 242119
Telex: 031-4171
Fax:  01596-242294, 242393, 244396
E-mail: director@ceeri.res.in
Legal Status: National Laboratory under CSIR – A Registered Society
Ministry/Department: Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India

Vision of CSIR-CEERI

To become a globally renowned coveted destination for scientific knowledge, research excellence and innovative technology in electronics as well as allied sciences & engineering, with high social and strategic impact.

Mission of CSIR-CEERI

  • Support and nurture creative excellence of individual scientists
  • Synergize individual brilliance with purposive collective team-effort for meeting mission-mode objectives
  • Innovate to enable India to have a leadership role in strategic sectors
  • Collaborating with industry for innovative product development
  • Becoming source of globally competitive technology in the areas of electronics and allied sciences and engineering

Mandate of CSIR-CEERI

  • Excellence in scientific research in the areas of electronics and allied science and engineering
  • Mission-mode initiative for innovative electronics and allied technologies to foster inclusive development
  • Technology delivery for strategic requirements and industrial needs
  • Motivating disruptive innovations for entrepreneurship in the area of electronics and allied engineering
  • Networking with other CSIR labs, industries, research and academic institutions for multi-disciplinary innovation
  • Academic and Scientific pursuit for nurturing talent and manpower Development

Name and Designation of Chief: Prof. Santanu Chaudhury, Director

Heads of Units/Departments/Divisions/Faculties/Groups

Cyber Physical Systems Area Coordinator: Dr. SC Bose
Cognitive Computing Dr. AS Mandal
Internet of Things Dr. SC Bose
Signal Analytics Dr. PC Panchariya
Power Electronics Dr. Ajeet Dhakar
Automation and Control Dr. JL Raheja
Integrated Systems Prof. Raj Singh
Smart Sensors Area Coordinator: Dr. Ajay Agarwal
Process Technology Dr. Ravindra Mukhiya
Nano Bio Sensors Dr. Ajay Agarwal
Transducers and Actuators Dr. Kamaljit Rangra
Optoelectronics and MOEMS Dr. Suchandan Pal
Flexible and Non-silicon Electronics Dr. Jamil Akhtar
Advanced Packaging Dr. PK Khanna
Microwave Devices Area Coordinator : Dr. RK Sharma
Beam Dynamics Dr. AK Bandopadhyay
Beam-wave Interaction Dr. A. Bera
Device Technologies Dr. SK Ghosh
 Vacuum Microelectronic Devices Dr. RK Sharma
Facilities and Process Management
Process Operations Ashok Chauhan
Common Scientific Facilities (Microwave Devices) Dr. Ranjan Barik
Network Management Cell Dr. Anil Saini
Skill Development Dr. Kota Solomon Raju
Societal Outreach Dr. Shashikant Sadistap

Heads of Outside Headquarters Stations

CSIR-CEERI Chennai Centre Dr. A. Gopal
CSIR-CEERI Delhi Centre Dr. SA Akbar
CSIR-CEERI Jaipur Centre Dr. Ram Prakash

Specialty: Engineering and Technology