R&D and Knowledge Management Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of R&D projects and other externally funded projects, issues concerning Intellectual Property and Business Development, attending to technical queries are the key activities of this Division.PME also maintains the financial requirements of all the projects

Major activities of the Division are as follows:

  • Planning Activities :
    • Project Planning and Evaluation
    • Annual Plan
    • CEERI Budget
    • Registration of Projects : Registration of all externally funded projects and allotment of specific identity in terms of a Project No. is effected at PME, soon after the money for the project is received along with In-Principle approval. Projects are registered in different modes viz sponsored Research, Grant-in-Aid, Collaborative, Consultancy, Technical Services and Testing.
  • Development and Maintenance of Project Database : A project database has been developed, which is regularly updated incorporating addition of new projects, modifications during their implementation stage and finally during their completion. The database includes project title, classification and technical and financial details, which help in tracking the technical and financial progress of the projects. PME also maintains the cash inflow of all the projects.
  • Intranet site for Information : Developing a web based (Intranet site) to query project information.
  • Monitoring Activities :
    • Research Utilisation Data (RUD)
    • Quarterly Performance Report (QPR): PME Division also calls for progress report of all the on-going projects in the Institute for processing. This exercise is meant to monitor & ascertain the status of each of the projects with respect to adherence to time schedule and other milestones. Any deviation is intimated to the respective project leaders and remedial measures are taken to put the project on course. Completed projects, as reported by the respective Project Leaders are processed for closure.
  • Projects Monitoring :
    • Externally Funded Projects : Externally funded projects were regularly monitored particularly for their adherence to time schedule, amount dues, if any,documentation, closure etc. through divisional reviews
    • Annual Plan
    • CEERI Budget
    • In-house Projects : Committee has been constituted to monitor the progress of the In-house projects. The committee also reviews the progress of the In-house projects periodically. The new Projects are taken up if approved by the Committee after the Presentation made by the Project Leader. Similarly at the time of completion of the projects a presentation is made by the Project Leader to incorporate suggestions if any from the committee members.
  • External Cash Flow (ECF) : The details of External Cash Flow i.e., money received from these agencies to carry out specified task was regularly recorded and monitored vis-Ã -vis target established by the Institute.
  • Expenditure Monitoring : Efforts were made to keep track on the expenditure vis-Ã -vis budgeting allocations/ requirements on monthly basis so that performance/ working of the Institute could be made more effective.
  • Evaluation Activities :
    1. Issues related to the Technical Audit: Handling of issues related to Technical Audit is another important activity of the Division. Annual and Periodical Audit was carried out by CAG and Internal Audit Team.
  • CEERI Outstanding Performance Award Scheme :
    1. Technical Excellence Awards
    2. RC Secretariat
  • Other Activities :
    1. Project Summary for Management Council/Research Council : It is responsible for preparing the up-to-date Projects Summary and providing the information on the projects that are to be ratified by the Management Council. It also provides the necessary project related information for Research Council to decide the future programmes of R&D for the Institute
    2. Management of Various Project Proformae : PME designs, maintains, manages and modifies the proformae pertaining to various projectrelated activities as per the need arises from time to time.
    3. Parliament Questions : PME handles technical queries pertaining to various projects being handled by the various R&D Divisions of the Institute. These queries are related to Parliament Questions and CSIR guidelines, technical progress of projects etc
    4. Service Tax Payment : On receipts of amounts for externally funded projects, Service Tax is paid to the Government. Division regularly carries out activities for the payment of Service Tax on monthly basis.
    5. Post Graduation Research Programme in Engineering of Infrastructure and Disaster Mitigations: CSIR has invited applications for two year full time residential Post Graduation Research Programme in Engineering in the different areas.
    6. Monthly Review Meeting: Principal Investigator of the project is the convener.All area coordinators/group heads should be present.Review w.r.t objectives,deliverables,milestones,Action taken,Bottlenecks if any.Copy of minutes may be communicated to PME&BD and Director’s Office.

Person responsible:

  • Vinod Verma
    1. Trainees (Types of Trainees: CSIR Ward, Short Term, Long Term, SDP)
    2. Conference Reigstration for Paper presentation or participation
    3. Abroad visit of Employees
    4. Visit of Foreign Delegates
    5. Equipment Trainings (via Purchase)
  • Mohar Singh
    1. Sponsored Projects
    2. Invoicing of Sponsored Projects
    3. Agreements related to Sponsored Projects

How to prepare a new project?

  1. Preparation of project proposal
  2. After approval of director preparation of project proposal copies and handover to project leader
  3. After approval of director entered in list of project in pipe-line
  4. Enter in M.C.Agenda Items List
  5. Allot Project No.
  6. Copy of project proposal handover to MIC and allot OLP No.
  7. Preparation of challan
  8. Enter in Cash Rt. Register
  9. Enter in E.C.F Statement
  10. File open and File No. Entered
  11. Accounts Section file open with proposal & sanction copies
  12. Prepartion of Financial brekup
  13. Enter in continue project List
  14. Circulate of Financial Break up
  15. Keep-up project file
  • Devish Pathak:
    1. CSIR Projects
    2. GST related to Invoices
    3. Council Meetings
    4. CSIR-NET Exam

Projects Details ongoing and completed