Optoelectronics and MOEMs

Current Research Activities

  • Design, Epitaxial Material Growth by MOCVD and fabrication of Gallium Nitride based Devices.
  • Fabrication of microlens array.
  • Growth and fabrication of blue/green lasers.
  • Design and fabrication of photonic crystal (PhC) structures and devices.

On-going Projects

Project Sponsor Year
Monolithic white light emitting diode(LED)with nano-InGaN broadband emitter DST-JSPS 2015-2017
Fabrication of Cylindrical Microlens Arrays for Laser Diode Stacks in Laser Finding Systems DRDO/IRDE 2015-2018
Growth and fabrication of blue-green lasers for under water communication DST 2017-2019

Past Research Activities

Project Sponsored Year
Design and Development of C-Band High Power GaAs MESFET modules (Phase II) SAC/ISRO 1998-2002
III-V Compound Semiconductor based OEICs for Gbps Optical Communications CSIR-KFA 1999-2003
Patterning of Optical Waveguides and Devices IRDE/DRDO 2000-2003
Process optimization of improvement in yield, performance, and reliability of 980 nm Laser Diodes and PDs developed indigenously DIT 2002-2005
Development of key Technologies for Photonics and Optoelectronics

  1. High power pump laser source for Optical amplifiers (Task-I)
  2. Arrayed Planar Waveguide components for Communications and Sensor Applications (Task-III)
CSIR-Network 2002-2007
Optical MEMS based High Speed long wavelength OEIC for DWDM applications CSIR-DLR 2004-2007
Long-period waveguide grating (LPWG) based integrated optic wideband tunable notch filter using Silica-on-Silicon DIT 2006-2008
Polymer waveguide based optical power splitters DIT 2006-2008
Fabrication of GaN Blue LEDs at chip level for solid-state lighting applications CSIR-Network 2007-2012
Development of GaAs based Hall Elements at chip level for automotive applications NPMASS 2009-2011
Development of GaN based high brightness LEDs for solid state lighting applications CSIR Network, Project TAPSUN 2011-2017
Novel GaN/InGaN Solar Cell Grown by MOCVD CSIR Network Project D-NEED 2012-2017
GaN/InGaN multiple-quantum-well (MQWs) based integrated AC LED devices CSIR Supra-Institutional 2012-2017
Nano-structured Integrated-optic Platform for Sensing Applications CSIR Supra-Institutional 2012-2017
Gallium Nitride based HEMT Biosensors for Cancer Detection CSIR Supra-Institutional 2012-2017
Development of Prototype Photo masks for CGH and Micro Lens Array and Reactive Ion Etching of Patterned Substrate DRDO 2013-2015