Flexible and Non-Silicon Electronics

Ongoing Projects:

S.No. Project Sponsors Duration
1. Development of new generation nano metal-oxide/graphene-polymer composite materials for use in wearable electronics CSIR 2018-2020
2. Design and development of flexible tactile sensors matrix for fetal health monitoring SERB-DST 2019-2021
3. Development of silicon carbide high power device technology DRDO 2019-2020
4. Design and Development of Tunable Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators (FBAR) and Filters SERB-DST 2017-2019
5. Development of MEMS Magnetic Sensor and RF/Microwave Tunable Devices DMRL-DRDO 2017-2020
6. Development of Electrochromic Electrodes and Integration in Devices CEERI-IIT Indore 2018-2019

Current Research Activities:

  • Flexible strain sensor.
  • Functionalized carbon nanotubes based ammonia gas sensor on copy paper.
  • Capacitive type touch sensor comprising micropatterned PDMS.
  • Mixed metal-nanoporous oxide based flexible pressure sensor.
  • Flexible transparent electrodes and heaters.
  • Flexible Solar Cell.
  • Magnetic sensor based on Flexible Kepton Substrate.