Advanced Packaging

Ongoing Projects

S. No. Project Sponsors Duration
1. Development of sensor electrodes for use in biosensing applications DRDO-DRDE 2016-2017
2. Customization of LTCC hotplate for warming of microfarming unit in high altitude cold desert DRDO-DIHAR 2017-2018
3. Development of silent killer gas detector using LTCC technology CSIR (FTT) 2016-2018

Current Activities

  • Development of LTCC hotplate for high altitude cold desert including microfarming, warm shoe applications, gas detector etc.
  • Integration of sensor and sensor electronics on LTCC platform for realization of miniaturized and reliable modules.
  • Development of sensor electrodes for biosensing application.
  • ISFET / EGFET packaging for bio-medical, food and environmental sensing applications.
  • LTCC based packaging for MEMS devices and sensors.
  • Realization of circuits in LTCC for high density integration and packaging.
  • Training Programme on “Customized Packaging of MEMS and Microsensors”
  • Teaching M.Tech courses and supervising Ph.D students in AcSIR.

Completed Projects

S. No. Project Sponsors Duration
1. Development of patterned thick-film ceramic/ low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrates under Bioceram CSIR (Network) 2012-2017
2. LTCC Packaging and Integration [WP-16] under MIcrosensys CSIR (Supra) 2012-2017
3. Packaging and Hybrid (LTCC) Integration under MAT CSIR (Network) 2012-2017
4. Development of LTCC hotplate for sensor application DRDO-ARMREB 2010-2013
5. LTCC technology development and sensor electronics integration under Technology development for smart systems CSIR (Supra) 2007-2012
6. Development of smart materials based on phase transformation and domain polarization for use as pressure-sensitive switch in armament applications DRDO-ARMREB 2006-2008
7. Development of microwave components on LTCC ISRO-SAC 2004-2006
8. Design and development of Pt heaters DST 2004-2006