Device Technologies

Research Highlights

  • Modernization of assembly and invasion of modern state-of-the-art technology
  • Process standards
  • Cold and hot testing automation and augmentation of modern techniques
  • Quality assurance

Current Research Activities

  • Technology Development of High Current Density Nano- Scandate Cathodes.
  • Indigenous development & qualification of Ku band (140-210 watts) and Ka band (100-150 watts) travelling wave tube (TWT).
  • Development, fabrication and delivery of Beam Compression Region for 100 kW millimetre Gyrotron.
  • Development of Multi-ceramic Rectangular RF Window for Plasma Heating.
  • Development of Glass sealed RF Window for 4 MW S-band Tunable Pulse Magnetron.
  • Fabrication and Delivery of 35kV/3kA Thyratron for Line-type Pulse Modulator for Linear Accelerator.
  • Development of Mercury-Free Plasma UV-Lamps Compatible to Advanced Photocatalystic Oxidation System.
  • Motorized tuning and Testing of 3 MW Magnetron.