Beam Dynamics

Research Highlights

  • Design and simulation related to electron gun of different microwave and plasma devices, namely Travelling Wave Tube (TWT), Klystron, Gyrotron, Magnetron, THz and Plasma devices.
  • Electrical design of electron beam collector of microwave devices
  • Device specific simulation and design of electron beam focussing structure (electromagnet and permanent magnet based)

Current Research Activities

  • Electron gun design of Ku and Ka band TWTs
  • Design and optimization of focussing system of TWTs
  • Electron gun of conventional S-band, C-Band and Ku-Band klystrons, Multiple Beam Klystrons (MBKs) and Sheet Beam Klystrons (SBKs).
  • Simulation and design of Magnetron Injection Gun of Gyrotrons.
  • Design of conventional and Multi-stage depressed collectors for Ku and Ka band TWTs
  • Magnetic focussing arrangement for efficient beam transport in different types of klystrons.
  • Design and simulation related to high voltage high current PSS.
  • Design and development of cathode of C band, 2.5 MW coaxial magnetron.

Facilities available to Researchers

  • State of the art electromagnetic design tools like MAGIC, CST Design Studio, OPERA, HFSS, TRACK, EGUN, ANSYS
  • State of the art engineering design and analysis tools like SolidWorks, AutoCAD
  • Windows based workstations for simulations