Power Electronics


    The future demands of energy can only be met through increased use of renewable energy sources along with grid scale energy storage system. But this limits the operation of traditional grid, making it vulnerable and limits the integration of renewable resources into main grid. Electric vehicle is future of transportation but range anxiety in user and instability of grid due to large number of charging stations are bottlenecks to large scale deployment of electric vehicle. In order to solve these problems, power electronics group is actively doing research in these fields:
  • Smart Grid Technology

The smart grid technology is a collection of existing and emerging technologies working together to provide highest level of stabilities in the current electricity grid. The focus areas are in the intelligent control of distributed generation systems, grid reliability improvement, grid automation, renewable sources integration, secure electricity transfer and renewable energy based electric vehicle charging systems.

  • Renewable Energy Systems

The focus areas are in the solar PV based grid-connect/standalone systems, smart DC microgrid, hybrid power system, wideband based high efficiency converters, fuel cell based systems, wind energy based systems, modern control design, battery–solar PV integration for standalone/grid connected systems and embedded platform for renewable energy systems.

  • High Voltage Pulse Power Supply

The development of high voltage DC pulse power supply for microwave tubes (MWT) devices has become very important in recent years due to special requirements of the MWT devices. Its development require robust design and sophisticated control algorithm approach. It has numerous applications in agriculture, food processing, milk pasteurization, microwave tubes etc.

Current Activities

  • Development of -5kV/2.5A peak pulse power supply for plasma UV lamps
  • 110V DC variable pulse power supply (High-frequency RF MEMS switches: MLP-105)