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MEMS and Microsensors Group: Facilities
Name of the equipment /Unit Description Photographs
Chemical Processing
Cassette Cleaning in Quartz tanks.
Capable for 25 nos. 6" dia silicon wafer cleaning.

Megasonic Cleaner: 1 MHz
spin cleaning

Megasonic single wafer spin cleaner has the capability of cleaning 4" and 6" dia silicon wafers using 1MHz frequency.

Rinser and Dryer: DI water rinsing and N2 drying

Single cassette rinser and dryer is capable of cleaning 25 wafers by rinsing in DI water and drying in Nitrogen at higher than room temperature.

Oxidation Diffusion

Six-Stack Oxidation and Diffusion Furnace meant of 10 no. of 6" silicon wafer processing for the following work-
1. Dry and Wet Oxidation
2. Boron Deposition by BBr3/Boron Nitride
3. Boron Drive-in
4. Phosphorous Deposition by POCl3
5. Phosphorous Drive-in
6. Aluminum Sintering

Photolithography Spin Coater Capable of coating photoresist on both-sides of up to 6" dia silicon wafers. This semiautomatic coater has multistep gyroset technology of coating photoresist thickness ranging from 1 µm to 100 µm used in MEMS and Microsensors. It is fitted in class-10 clean air station in order to create particle free photoresist films on silicon wafers. This is also being used for coating thick SU 8 Photoresist.

Front-back side Mask Aligner

High-resolution optical lithography for upto 6" dia wafers for development and small volume production of MEMS and Microsensors. It has 400nm exposure wavelength optics and is capable of 0.6 µm resolutions in vacuum contact. It is equipped with topside alignment with split field color video microscope and front to backside alignment image storage technique for MEMS application with 1 µm front to back side alignment accuracy. It has 1000W UV lamp suitable for thick photoresist used in UV-LIGA processes using SU 8 Photoresist.
Photoresist Bake Ovens Photoresist bake ovens are class-10 compatible with internal air filtration system. The temperature accuracy inside the chamber is ± 1°C.
LPCVD Reactor Reactor is able to deposit low stress silicon nitride and polysilicon films used in MEMS fabrication. The system is capable of depositing these films over up to 6" dia silicon wafer.
Class 10 Clean Air Stations The stainless steel vertical flow station gives class-10 clean air environment (US federal standard) and is equipped with sound absorbing material. The main air filter is a ULPA- filter absorbing 99.999% particle greater than 0.3 µm in diameter. These clean air stations are being used for spin coater and wafer inspection and Mask aligners.
Aligned Wafer Bonder Meant for Anodic Bonding, Fusion Bonding, Eutectic Bonding and Thermo-compression Bonding for 4", 6" dia wafers.
Flip Chip Bonder Capability to bond 1x1 mm sq to 25x25 mm sq dice using the provision of back-to-back alignment.
Wire Bonder Capable to bond 1 mil to 2 mil aluminum and gold wires. Also, it can do ball as well as wedge bonding.
Chemical Mechanical Polishing Planarization and de-layering of the 6" dia wafers.
Ultrasonic Cutting Machine Holes and cut the brittle materials.    
Acoustic Imager Non-destructive testing of processed wafers as well as devices to find any fault.  
Stylus based Surface Profiler Capable of surface profiling and thickness measurement in minimum 10nm and maximum 400mm range.

Vertical Dual Target sputtering

RF sputtering system for 6" dia silicon wafers. Two materials are being sputtered
a) Pure Aluminum,
b) Aluminum + Cu + Si
Sputtering System Horizontal Multi-Target sputtering

Both RF and DC sputtering on 4" dia substrates mainly Gold, Chromium, Titanium, Platinum and others.

Deep Reactive Ion Etching System

An Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) based etching system for processing wafer size up to 6" as well as small irregularly shaped samples.
Dual Spindle Diamond Dicing Saw Application is to dice step-cut in MEMS Devices on Silicon wafers bonded with glass. It is also capable to dice bevel-cut in MEMS devices. Capable to dice through-cut in general semiconductor materials, Compound Semiconductor materials including SiC, GaN etc., Ceramics, glass and other electronic packaging materials. Auto kerf check, Automatic alignment, ability to handle multi-index data, Cutting status display function, Data Entry using LCD or TFT touch panel, Standard cutting modes and sequences.
Gas Pressure Controller and calibrator Used for calibrating pressure sensors up to 1 to 100 bar pressure range.  
Gas Calibrator For mixing and calibrating gases in the range of 10 to 5000 PPM. There is a built in gas titrator in the system.  

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